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If there are any questions you need answered but don't see here, please give us a shout and pick our tiny brains...we'll try and help you.


What's the point of all this anyway?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention - and we wanted something more fun than Facebook, and Pinterest felt too girly. So... BOOM. PunchPin.

My employer says I'm wasting time on PunchPin, what should I say?

Calmly explain that recent scientific studies show that the human brain operates at peak performance if periodic "rest breaks" are administered during long periods of "real work". You are merely looking out for the company's best interests by self-administering these "rest periods" so that you can kick ass and take names during the rest of the work day.

By the way, there might not be any scientific studies like that, but it sounds like there should be, which is good enough for us.

What about nudity? Can I post anything I want?


Are there any rules here at all?

Of course there are! You need to have fun and enjoy your chomosomal inbred tendency toward manly content consumption.

Also, PunchPin should not be used solely as an overt advertising platform for your own self-serving products/services. We don't mind you posting stuff from your site to get some traffic from time to time, but don't litter the boards with overt photo descriptions that advertise your site such as "MySite.com -The best site!". Make sure the content is good content. If it is, people will click on it and end up at your site. Pretty simple. Without this rule, the site will become a junky advertising wasteland that nobody likes.

Now stop wasting time here and get back to wasting time on the boards.

I've been drinking all night and I can't make out the letters on my keyboard, so I'm having trouble pinning things. What should I do?

Get your roommate to operate the keyboard for you while you mix another drink.

My girlfriend saw me using PunchPin and was offended by the chicks, what can I tell her?

Tell her that she's lucky you dig girls and you're not confused about it. Also mention you think she's way hotter than most of the girls on PunchPin (WARNING: you might need to practice this in a mirror before attempting it in real life!), and that at least you're not on a hardcore porn site. The photos here are the same as what you see in grocery store newstands mostly.

Then ask her if she's up for a date night tomorrow. Everything will be cool, plus you'll get to go out for dinner and probably score afterward. You're welcome.

I saw some content on your site that I own copyrights to - how can I get it removed?

We joke around a lot here but let's be serious for a moment: we will help you right away if you have content that you own and want it removed. Please see the DMCA Copyright Request page and contact us.

Most folks like that fact that we send a lot of traffic back to your site, so they encourage sharing a tidbit here on PunchPin. But if you don't like the traffic or exposure, we respect that. Let us know, we'll sort it out quickly.

You guys are: (choose one:) awesome / morons. How do I contact you?

Contact us page. Nuff said.


What is "pinning" and how can I start pinning at PunchPin?

Pinterest coined the term pinning (they are the hottest thing in the news now and for good reason)... pinning means posting a piece of content. Allowing users to go out and curate content to discuss and share is the hottest trend in social networks.

What is "curating" content?

A huge trend online is curating content - which means to go out and find content you like then post it on a site to discuss and share with others. You become like the curator of a museum... that's the person who is in charge of deciding what art goes on display and where it comes from.


How do I logout?

There's a logout link in your profile button at top right of this page.

I forgot my password...

The login page has a password retrieval form you can use.

I am having login trouble!

Please contact us here if you don't see an answer on this page.