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Bully cries after get his ass kicked! - YouTube

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How To Handle A Bully With One Punch  - you gotta love this one

BurtMan I think connecting to the jaw close to the ear is the key in a knockout punch normally. I think it's the best target.

Grains of sand magnified to 250 times real size — Lost At E Minor: For creative people

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The Hives - Tick Tick Boom, Live From Coachella 2012 Incredible HIGH ENERGY Performance, what a song

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EDAG electric light car sharing concept

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This is what it looks like if you are flying a Space Shuttle. Freakin insane!!

PunchPinner The ultimate video game I'd say

Girls of Coachella 2011-26 : COED Magazine

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Purchase your own 8 foot Tesla Coil

PunchPinner Nicola Tesla was super freaking cool. Look up his plan to end all wars forever with his plan to electrocute people on the ground from a blimp hovering over the city. Really!

About 70 protesters got naked to protest the widening of road in Richardsons Grove in CA. Go protesters!

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Most Dangerous Kits - Base Jumping Kit great gift for someone you hate!

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Nerves of Steel: Driver Keeps Calm As He Nearly Dies Video - Incredible!

PunchPinTweets This is insane.. this guy should be in charge of a bomb detonation team or something.

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Hobo with a Shotgun (Official Movie Site) - too freakin cool It's Machete, but with Rutget Hauer as a hobo !!

PunchPinTweets Can't wait to see this low budget retribution film!

Hah! I would love to see that movie!

Cool exploding volcano pic

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The best home design ever!

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Danyy Trejo in Machete. What a bloodfest.

Mike Hunt Love Machete!! Nothing but blood in that movie and a lot of creative ways to see folks getting whacked.

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Danny Trejo is as badass as they come

Mike Hunt #1 badass

Brian Goodman MACHETTE!

David Blaine and Balducci Levitation trick

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Bar Bets - What is longest?

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K Chapman

Beer Keg Bar Stool - I'm going to add this to my bar - very cool.

CreepShot i think i just found a summer project

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BurtMan Freakin love the Shield. Last season was best.

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BurtMan Awesome!! Battling and getting hammered!

Super Trick Shots by 'Venom' Kohler - these are sick

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Fighting Irish: Bareknuckle Traveller Boxing Part 3 - YouTube

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Mike Hunt

Build A Pizza Oven Out Of A Weber Grill - the Frankenweber

Mike Hunt I have made several ugly but highly functional pizza ovens at home - they get up to 900 degrees or so.

Mike Hunt Oh yeah they work GREAT. Its not that hard to build a make-shift pizza oven

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